Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A superior TV watching experience with Digital Cable

The advent of digital cable has been among the most phenomenal developments in the television industry. Although the less cost and ease-of-installation of analogue technology have been largely responsible for the spread and popularity of cable TV in the world, what digital cable technology offers is altogether in a different league of technology.

Digital technology allows a far more enhanced quality of TV service to be offered to consumers. And the difference is not only in the quality of transmission but also in the various value-added services that can be bundled along with cable signal.

Quality of Transmission: The audio-video quality of TV signal offered through digital cable is far superior to that of analogue. This allows the customer a far more enhanced entertainment experience.

Number of Channels: Digital cable operators are able to pack in a far higher number of channels as compared to analogue cable. This leads to more options for the customer.

Consistent Quality: Digital cable is able to solve a major drawback of analogue cable by its ability to offer a consistent quality across all channels. Customers who have used analogue cable in the past must have surely experienced the issue of poor clarity on some channels and decent clarity on others.

Value-Added Features: You can explore a far more intelligent way of watching TV by using the bundled Electronic Programme Guide and various other features such as parental control and On-Demand programming. The EPG allows you to select your desired channel through a genre-based selection in contrast to the passive scrolling through channels in case of analogue cable TV.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Digital Cable TV Advantages

Despite the massively advertised advantages of digital cable TV, most TV viewers across the world are yet glued to analogue cable TV. Easy set-up and lower costs are the prime reasons that have enabled its popularity.

While analogue technology too is able to provide a decent level of signal quality, yet there are substantial technological improvements in the digital cable format that are increasingly tempting large sections of TV viewers to make the switch to digital.

Many developed nations have already fixed a date to make a compulsory nation-wide transition towards digital cable TV. While countries such as Finland, Sweden and Germany have taken a lead in this, many more countries such as France and Denmark are also poised to join the digital cable league in the coming years. Among the Asian countries such as India, although there is yet no official date announced for a compulsory switchover, yet the network of digital cable is spreading on a very rapid pace even in these countries.

Here are some important points that you may consider while switching over to digital cable:

• By virtue of its technology, digital cable networks are able to carry more number of channels thus offering you a broader choice of entertainment.
• Digital cable offers DVD quality audio and video that remains consistent across all channels.
• Digital cable TV allows you to enjoy various value-adds that are not possible on analogue, such as electronic programming guide and parental control.
• To take maximum benefit of digital cable, it is advisable to use LCD TVs instead of analogue ones.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Digital Technology touches life

Advances in digital technology have created a positive difference in our lives in more ways than one. The range of devices on offer today are not only powerful but loaded with the best of features and functionality.

Mobile phones: These are not just communication devices but complete entertainment devices with features such as camera, MP3, video player and games. No wonder mobiles have become almost like toys for grown ups.

MP3 Players: What's better than enjoying your favorite music on the go? Mp3 players have come in as a great lifestyle product. It's not uncommon to find people enjoying their players while driving, jogging and even while working. Modern day MP3 players are extremely sleek and compact, and loaded with the best of features.

Notebooks: There was a time when notebooks used to be reserved for the super-rich. But fortunately now notebooks have become highly affordable and pack in power and functionality equivalent to desktops. In fact the trends have changed so much that now even students and young executives are purchasing notebooks and not desktops. The obvious advantage is that your data stays with you at all times and you can continue your work no matter where you are: home, car, park, virtually anywhere.

Gaming machines: Gaming machine options have created a whole new world of fun and entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike. Gaming consoles such as playstation and X-box have more processing power than many PCs available in the market. This power punch enables them to support high end graphics and audio, thus creating a superb gaming experience for the user.

Digital Cable Devices: People around the world are now increasingly opting for digital cable TV options such as DTH and digital set-top boxes. Digital cable TV features include DVD quality audio & video, uninterrupted viewing, and movies-on-demand.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Digital cable india-Take the Plunge Now

Television has been around for many years now. While most of us are excited about the massive increase in number of channels, we often ignore the aspect of signal quality. I agree that consumers now have access to much larger TV sets than before. Yet the irony is to find many people still depending on conventional cable TV even after investing in state-of-the-art LCD TVs.

As per the recent US government directive, all broadcasters are required to shift to digital platform. This is the right time for consumers to shift from conventional to digital cable television. In fact the trend of digital cable is not limited to the developed nations alone. Even in Asian countries such as India, China and Singapore, consumers are fast taking the plunge towards digital cable TV.

There are some very real digital cable advantages that one must explore:

DVD quality of transmission: With digital cable, you can make best use of your LCD TVs and home theatre systems, because it offers DVD quality videos and high-fidelity stereo sound.

More channels: Digital cable typical offers a much wider choice of channels across all categories, be it sports, news, music or movies.

Programme guide: Technologies like electronic program guide truly enhance the viewer experience by offering conveniently available program information, as well as the facility to set reminders.

Parental lock: This technology even allows you to block the channels that you deem unsuitable for your children. A simple password entry can again activate those channels again for your viewing pleasure.

Author :- Jack Albert is a dedicated writer, writes for Digitelly, a brand digital cable india service

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stay at Home Need Not Be Boring

There can be many reasons to stay at home for prolonged periods of time. For students, it’s often due to the gap time in between sessions. In case of men, it may be due to a change in job or an illness. And if you are a homemaker, then in any case you would be spending a lot of time at home.

Whatever may be the reason, staying at home need not be boring. Although the natural tendency for people is to venture out whenever they wish to have fun, yet it’s not difficult to get your share of fun even when you’re at home.

Infotainment: Instead of wasting time on soaps, try catching up on some interesting educational documentaries on channels like Discovery, The History Channel and National Geographic. Not only would you be able to increase your knowledge, but you can also discover a whole new means of entertainment. In case you are fortunate enough to be using a digital cable TV service, then you would certainly have a much wider choice of infotainment channels.

Online reading: Reading as a habit has indeed been on a decline lately. However that does not mean you cannot enjoy online reading that’s certainly more convenient for the net-savvy generation of today. Besides the sites that provide free legal access to online books, there are various ecommerce sites that offer you online reading facility on a subscription based model.

Home Makeover: If you have a penchant for interiors, you can discover various new ways to re-organize the interiors. You would be surprised at how using the right approach, you can get a fresh new look in a minimal expense.

With avenues such as online reading and digital cable TV, you can actually enjoy the time at home, as long as you have a positive approach.

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By Jack Albert

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

UK-India undersea cable system

Sixteen global telecommunications industry players have signed a construction and maintenance agreement (C&MA) to build the first direct, high-bandwidth optical-fibre submarine cable system from the United Kingdom to India. The Europe India Gateway (EIG) cable system, which will cost more than $700m, will enhance capacity and diversity between the countries of these regions.

Sixteen telecommunications companies are investing in the project: AT&T, Bharti Airtel, BT, Cable &Wireless, Djibouti Telecom, DU, Gibtelecom, IAM, Libyan Post, Telecom and Information Technology Company, MTN Group, Omantel, PT Comunicacoes, Saudi Telecom Company, Telecom Egypt, Telkom SA and Verizon Business.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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