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Friday, July 25, 2008

Worldwide Set-Top Box Market Analysis

The newest release of ABI Research's set-top box research report shows that Samsung, Coship and other Chinese and South Korean STB vendors collectively account for over 55% of the Asia-Pacific STB market, which is growing faster, in terms of subscribers, than the rest of the world. Moreover, they are using their growing clout and market share to address overseas markets.

New in this edition of the study is a regional breakdown of STB market share for various video platforms. Principal analyst Michael Arden says, "We are seeing more Chinese vendors gaining market share, and not only because of the growth in the domestic market for IPTV, digital cable and satellite there. They are also getting some traction outside their home market, as are South Korean manufacturers, particularly in the IP-STB sector."

Samsung, Arden notes, has done "a pretty good job of getting into North America and other markets; the South Koreans are really positioning themselves to get into Europe. They're making a lot of hybrid STBs for IP-DVB-T, the terrestrial standard that is widely used in Western Europe and some other regions, but not in their home market."

Should their European and North American competition be worried by these trends? To a degree, says Arden: "They should be a little concerned, because due to the Asian vendors' good traction in their home markets, they are gaining the advantages of high-volume production, delivering the cash to develop more competitive products."

And then there's the Beijing Olympics: The Chinese are doing a big expansion of their communications network in anticipation of the games, including their rollout of digital video. That will have an impact on STB markets because China is beginning an aggressive switch to digital video.

The ABI Research study, "Worldwide Set-Top Box Market Analysis," examines the market drivers for growth in the STB market, including demand for advanced features, changing regulatory requirements, and the market for hybrid video platforms. It offers market-share analysis for all four platforms (CATV, DBS, IP, and DTT) as well as aggregate shipments. It forms part of two annual ABI Research Services, Home Networking and Multi-Channel Video, which include other Research Reports, Research Briefs, Market Data, Online Databases, Vendor Matrices, ABI Insights, and analyst inquiry support.

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Star TV Channels India

The following channels are available in India.

More programme information can be obtained from http://www.indya.com/.

Star PlusIndia's number 1 cable channel for six years, STAR PLUS regularly features the top 40 programmes on cable in India every week. Prime time programmes on STAR PLUS consistently outperform other cable and satellite channels with the most popular programmes recording more than 50% of the viewership shares in Hindi speaking general entertainment markets. (Source: Nielsen TAM) A NEWS CORPORATION COMPANY

Star GoldSTAR GOLD brings to audiences the best and biggest Bollywood blockbusters. With one of the largest Indian film libraries in the world, STAR GOLD offers a wide variety of films for the entire family, showcasing Bollywood’s legendary and hot stars and filmmakers.

Star OneSTAR ONE unleashes the next generation of Hindi entertainment with an innovative, diverse mix of programming and cutting edge production values that appeal to urban, upwardly mobile Indian audiences. STAR ONE boasts an array of original programmes across a range of entertainment genres – comedy, drama, action / thriller, youth, lifestyle and game shows, as well as original made for television movies. STAR ONE is available in the following markets: India / Middle East / The U.S. / Hong Kong

V ChannelCHANNEL [V] is Asia's trend-setting music channel that features the latest chart-topping music videos, music stars and popular VJs. Locally produced programming, packaging and presenters ensure [V] reflects the tastes and attitudes of its huge youth audience. CHANNEL [V] in India features a range of successful reality-based talent quest shows including [V] Get Gorgeous, [V] Super Singer and [V] Popstars. CHANNEL [V] is available in the following markets: Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Mainland China / Malaysia / Middle East / Philippines / Taiwan / Thailand / Australia

Star UtsavSTAR UTSAV, a free-to-air Hindi general entertainment channel, brings the best of Hindi programming to millions of viewers across India. The channel features some of STAR PLUS’ most popular programmes such as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and Kasautii Zindagii Kay from episode one. Other exciting programming includes comedies, thrillers, cookery, kids shows, mythological and game shows, as well as Bollywood films.STAR UTSAV is available in India.

Star CricketA channel totally dedicated to showcase first-class cricket action from around the globe, STAR CRICKET broadcasts live / non-live international and regional cricket events as well as programming meticulously customised for the Indian audiences, including cricket news update, magazine and reality shows. STAR CRICKET is the one stop destination of all the cricket action, history, updates, views and reviews. STAR CRICKET is available in India.

VijayVIJAY is one of the most popular Tamil entertainment channels in India. Programming on VIJAY is tailor-made to cater to the distinctive culture of Tamil Nadu, and has been making waves with innovative programmes in a variety of genres including talent hunts, music shows, sitcoms, thrillers, reality shows as well as dramas.VIJAY is available in India/ the U.S./ Singapore

Star WorldFor audiences across Asia, STAR WORLD is the first choice for top-rated programming from the U.S. and U.K. From all-time favourites to award-winning shows, STAR WORLD features a wide range of entertainment, covering everything from action and drama series, to comedies, talk shows, children's programming and live international events. Popular and acclaimed hits on STAR WORLD include American Idol, Heroes, 30 Rock, My Name Is Earl, Desperate Housewives, The Apprentice, That '70s SHow, Prison Break, The Simpsons and TNA Wrestling. In India, STAR WORLD offers programmes especially selected for local viewers, including Wills India Fashion Week, and Kofee With Karan. Programmes including Friends, Seinfeld and The Simpsons are now shown five days a week on STAR WORLD in India due to popular demand. STAR World is available in the following markets: Hong Kong / Indonesia / India / Malaysia / The Middle East / The Philippines / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand/ Pakistan

Star MovieSTAR MOVIES brings audiences the biggest blockbusters from Hollywood powered by all the leading Hollywood studios including 20th Century Fox, Buena Vista (including Walt Disney Pictures, Miramax, Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures), DreamWorks, MGM / United Artists, Sony Pictures, Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros., and over 100 independent distributors. STAR MOVIES also features the Emmy® award-winning and critically acclaimed series Lost and the science-fiction smash hit trilogy The Triangle. Exciting STAR MOVIES programming highlights include Opening Night and prestigious film industry events such as The Annual ACADEMY AWARDS®. STAR MOVIES is available in the following markets: Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Mainland China / Malaysia / Middle East / The Philippines / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand/ Pakistan

Star AnandaSTAR ANANDA delivers 24-hour comprehensive news in the Bengali language, featuring West Bengal local news and national news in India in quick-paced half-hour bulletins and coverage in crime, politics, lifestyle, sports and films. Besides gathering news from its extensive news bureau network, STAR ANANDA also sources local and national news from the ABP network and STAR NEWS; and international news from the Fox and Sky network. STAR ANANDA is available in India.

Star NewsSTAR NEWS offers viewers 24-hour Hindi news that is relevant to todays Indians. It covers the full spectrum of news ranging from politics to business, investigative reports to consumer issues, crime to the environment. Reporting news as it happens in India and with links to international news agencies, STAR NEWS keeps viewers across India fully informed and engaged. STAR NEWS is available in the following markets: Hong Kong / Europe / India / Middle East / The Philippines / Thailand

Star MajhaSTAR MAJHA is a new leading national Marathi news channel, delivering 24-hour Maharashtra local and national news in India. Supported by an extensive news bureau network across India, seasoned news professionals and state-of-the-art news-gathering technology, STAR MAJHA’s Marathi-language news and current affairs programming covers a wide range of subjects including national affairs, politics, business, sports, lifestyle, entertainment and religion.
STAR MAJHA is available in India.

ESPNESPN brings viewers in Asia the most exciting sports action from around the world. The channels mix of regional and international programming ensures fans enjoy the most comprehensive sports coverage. ESPN features international as well as regional sports events and more cricket than any other television channel over the next five years. ESPN is available in the following markets: Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Mainland China / Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand /Pakistan

Star SportsSTAR SPORTS is a leader in sports programming and offers viewers a diverse array of top-flight Asian and international sports. Mostly presented live with a trademark format of entertaining, yet informative commentary, STAR SPORTS lines up the most professional and knowledgeable team of local anchors in Asia to cover world-class sports events. STAR SPORTS is available in the following markets: Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Mainland China / Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore / South Korea / Taiwan / Thailand /Pakistan

History channelReaching more than 200 million viewers in 70 countries, versioned in 20 languages, The History Channel is the only international television network devoted exclusively to historical programming. The History Channel is available in India.

National Geographic ChannelNational Geographic Channel showcases the expeditions of dynamic and committed explorers, filmmakers, and researchers on assignment around the world. Unmatched for its involvement in exploration, science, adventure and the dedication to quality that comes from a heritage of 114 years of National Geographic Society, the channel engages, educates and awes audiences with compelling stories and spectacular hallmark images. There is only one National Geographic Channel. National Geographic Channel is available in the following markets: Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Mainland China / Malaysia / Middle East / Philippines / Singapore / South Korea / Taiwan / Thailand / Pakistan

NAT GEO AdventureNat Geo Adventure offers bold, high impact and exciting programmes that unleash the spirited adventurer in all of us. Chronicling unfiltered experiences of young travellers whose journeys take them to the edge, Nat Geo Adventure engages audience with exhilarating stories and thrilling imagery.
Nat Geo Adventure is available in the following markets: Australia / Europe / Hong Kong /India / Indochina/ Indonesia / Middle East / Pakistan / Pacific Islands / South Korea.

What’s Holding Back the Digital Cable Revolution?

The TV audience across the world can conveniently be divided into two broad categories; those who watch digital TV and those who do not.

With the US Government already having imposed a deadline on all operators to make a transition from analog to digital platform, other Governments are also expected to follow suite very soon. Even countries like China, Malaysia and India that were initially slow to adopt digital cable are now rapidly employing this technology. However there are yet some significant factors that are proving to be obstacles in the transition to digital cable.

Probably the biggest impediment is the lack of consumer awareness on this issue. Many consumers as of now are not fully aware about the advantages of digital cable and how they can obtain this service. There is also a perception among consumers that the cost of obtaining digital cable is high and therefore they lose interest. Many also feel that they would automatically start getting digital signal as soon as their cable operator shifts to this technology.

Despite the obvious advantages and intense competition, not all channels have gone digital yet. There are still many popular channels that are being broadcast in analog format. Probably their managements are yet pondering over the investment decision of the digital transition.

And then there is this issue of old analog TV sets not supporting digital signal. There are still millions of households across the world that are using very old TV sets that are based on analog technology and hence do not support digital cable signal. However in such cases, the problem can be resolved by installing a digital-to-analog converter box.

In view of the above factors, it appears that a complete acceptance of digital cable technology may still be a few years away.

By Jack albert