Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A superior TV watching experience with Digital Cable

The advent of digital cable has been among the most phenomenal developments in the television industry. Although the less cost and ease-of-installation of analogue technology have been largely responsible for the spread and popularity of cable TV in the world, what digital cable technology offers is altogether in a different league of technology.

Digital technology allows a far more enhanced quality of TV service to be offered to consumers. And the difference is not only in the quality of transmission but also in the various value-added services that can be bundled along with cable signal.

Quality of Transmission: The audio-video quality of TV signal offered through digital cable is far superior to that of analogue. This allows the customer a far more enhanced entertainment experience.

Number of Channels: Digital cable operators are able to pack in a far higher number of channels as compared to analogue cable. This leads to more options for the customer.

Consistent Quality: Digital cable is able to solve a major drawback of analogue cable by its ability to offer a consistent quality across all channels. Customers who have used analogue cable in the past must have surely experienced the issue of poor clarity on some channels and decent clarity on others.

Value-Added Features: You can explore a far more intelligent way of watching TV by using the bundled Electronic Programme Guide and various other features such as parental control and On-Demand programming. The EPG allows you to select your desired channel through a genre-based selection in contrast to the passive scrolling through channels in case of analogue cable TV.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Digital Cable TV Advantages

Despite the massively advertised advantages of digital cable TV, most TV viewers across the world are yet glued to analogue cable TV. Easy set-up and lower costs are the prime reasons that have enabled its popularity.

While analogue technology too is able to provide a decent level of signal quality, yet there are substantial technological improvements in the digital cable format that are increasingly tempting large sections of TV viewers to make the switch to digital.

Many developed nations have already fixed a date to make a compulsory nation-wide transition towards digital cable TV. While countries such as Finland, Sweden and Germany have taken a lead in this, many more countries such as France and Denmark are also poised to join the digital cable league in the coming years. Among the Asian countries such as India, although there is yet no official date announced for a compulsory switchover, yet the network of digital cable is spreading on a very rapid pace even in these countries.

Here are some important points that you may consider while switching over to digital cable:

• By virtue of its technology, digital cable networks are able to carry more number of channels thus offering you a broader choice of entertainment.
• Digital cable offers DVD quality audio and video that remains consistent across all channels.
• Digital cable TV allows you to enjoy various value-adds that are not possible on analogue, such as electronic programming guide and parental control.
• To take maximum benefit of digital cable, it is advisable to use LCD TVs instead of analogue ones.

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