Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Digital cable india-Take the Plunge Now

Television has been around for many years now. While most of us are excited about the massive increase in number of channels, we often ignore the aspect of signal quality. I agree that consumers now have access to much larger TV sets than before. Yet the irony is to find many people still depending on conventional cable TV even after investing in state-of-the-art LCD TVs.

As per the recent US government directive, all broadcasters are required to shift to digital platform. This is the right time for consumers to shift from conventional to digital cable television. In fact the trend of digital cable is not limited to the developed nations alone. Even in Asian countries such as India, China and Singapore, consumers are fast taking the plunge towards digital cable TV.

There are some very real digital cable advantages that one must explore:

DVD quality of transmission: With digital cable, you can make best use of your LCD TVs and home theatre systems, because it offers DVD quality videos and high-fidelity stereo sound.

More channels: Digital cable typical offers a much wider choice of channels across all categories, be it sports, news, music or movies.

Programme guide: Technologies like electronic program guide truly enhance the viewer experience by offering conveniently available program information, as well as the facility to set reminders.

Parental lock: This technology even allows you to block the channels that you deem unsuitable for your children. A simple password entry can again activate those channels again for your viewing pleasure.

Author :- Jack Albert is a dedicated writer, writes for Digitelly, a brand digital cable india service

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