Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DEN - Digitelly

Digitelly brings World Class Digital Cable to your doorstop. Welcome to a digital world with a fantastic selection of entertainment and services with quality, choice and control. Get Digitelly today and transform the way you receive entertainment. Fight for the remote begins.

DEN is the best digital cable TV operator in india.

Resourse :- Digital Cable india www.digitelly.in


thakur pramod rajput said...

these day in world many company enters in the field of providing u the service of cable at ur door step

so before selecting any srevice provider have a quick look over the parameters of providing service

its good that "den-digitelly"
has come into this service

amarjeet said...

Dear sir

den is a fraud componey because yr distributer are fraud .

Amarjeet from
Shatrughan cable
Delhi - 110091
mob : 9250334533

Anonymous said...

Really? Is it fraud?

Also do you know which signalling technique they use, DVB-T, DVB-S or DVB-C?

ram9 said...

I bought Digitelly on 7.9.2009. Till 14.9.2009 they gave all channles. Then suddenly they stopped broadcasting Sony,AXN,Pix,Set Max etc. No explanation given. Customer care persons are just a call center and do not give any information except saying they will pass on complaint etc. I wonder whether I made a mistake buying Digitelly....ram. My phone number is 9446027406

Mr. Chakraborty, Pune said...

Not sure if we should jump into saying they are fraud. So far as I know the company is promoted by a person who has substantial stake in TV18 (promoter of CNBC TV18)...so may be its too premature a comment...
But I see a stagnancy on their offering. Videocon D2H is the latest entrant in DTH and they offer so many channels. I do not see any initiative on Digitelly to improve on its channel offerings. Even existing channels sometimes are too slow to change at times (like if you are at NDTV or Color and try change the channel - the response is too slow).
For Bengali channels, every other operator offers more Bengali channels like 24 Gantha, Akash Bangla, Ruposhi Bangla....Digitelly do not have them on their offerings (at least at Pune).
They do not have PIP.
If I want to keep a channel as my main channel in whole screen and have a small window to preview another channel (no sound) on top of it - there is no facility. Many a times people mostly switch between two channels at Ad-breaks. The facility to keep the other channel (swap) at top as small window will be a big leap towards customer convenience.
Digitelly does not offer Radio channels. The cost is same as your cable operator - so you do not have a choice.
Picture Quality is good.
Not sure if I can connect a Dish and use the same STB to get all FTA channels by tuning.
They promosied they can offer 1000 channels, but even with 150 channels they are struggling to offer quality service - I do not know if more offerings is possible technically without h/w upgrade as they promosed.

Anonymous said...

my set top box always shows no signal from past 1 year